Pepe Jeans London Booth
(Florence, Barcelona, Berlin)


Mural for dressing different collections of Pepe Jeans London booths at fashion fairs like: Bread & Butter (Berlin), Bread & Butter (Barcelona), Pitti Uomo and Pitti Bimbo (Florence – Season 2006).

At that time, large format murals in the fashion world were not common. The process I followed for the making of it was to create two big ink drawings on paper 150x50cm each and then scaled. After scanning and cleaning the image infographically for four days, it was printed on panels as if it was wallpaper. It was installed for the first time in its final size of 44x4m in Florence. At the same time, I made a die cut work all silhouettes of the animals that were in the drawings and finished by covering them with the cloth’s fabrik. Everything was installed on top of the printed paper in the fair venue. The design was adapted to various formats in various booths for various fairs.

Client: Puresang.



Pepe Jeans London booth at Pitti Uomo (Florence – December 2005). Total size: 41x4m.

Boy’s booth:



Girl’s booth:

Stand_Pepe_Jeans_London_Aleix_Gordo6 Stand_Pepe_Jeans_London_Aleix_Gordo9

Bread & Butter Booth (Berlin – December 2006):


Pepe Jeans London Booth
(Florence, Barcelona, Berlin)