Push Ups – Vol. I


Push Ups – Vol. I (Sketches, drawings and dreams)

This book is a compilation of the best pages of all the sketchbooks that I have filled during these years. The result of creative freedom and quitness (or not), just drawing for the sake of drawing, prime reason why I decided to make all this my profession.
The book has a format of 15x21cm, 144 pages with a great paper quality and hardback cover in black cloth. The idea is to make a facsimile, as close as possible to the format and appearance of the sketchbooks I normally use for drawing. Its content includes pencil sketches, character designs, oniric scenes, ink studies, ideas and drawings from several trips I made, specially the one to Japan two years ago.

All books are hand numbered in an edition of 725 copies.

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Here’s a preview of some pages you will find in the artbook!

Video credits:
Direction: Aleix Gordo Hostau.
Realization: Gustavo López Lacalle.
Edition: Gustavo López Lacalle.
Production: Goho Films (Goho Estudio).
Music: “Shoot the runner”, Kasabian.
Community Manager: Estefania de Pouplana.
Agreements Estefania de Pouplana, Gustavo López, Françs Gori, Óscar Martin, Ominiky Ediciones, Miguel Ángel, Marta Puparelli, Verkami and all those who have made this project possible.

Push Ups - Vol. I