Murals at Hattori Hanzō
(Madrid, SP)


A few days ago I had a comission to paint the new japanese restaurant Hattori Hanzo in Madrid. The first izakaya in the capital and one of the best japanese restaurants that I ever ate in Spain. I hope you like the result!

also with some pictures from the making of and the live painting.


Main dinning room with decorated in a traditional japanese way.
I decided to make all the restaurant’s decoration based in the japanese pop culture and the japanese traditional motifs because of the duality of the name Hattori Hanzo, a famous ninja that worked for Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first shogun of Tokugawa shogunate and the famous sword master in Kill Bill movies from Quentin Tarantino.
I started painting the bar (the main decorative element in the restaurant that can be seen from the street and measures 18m long per 1m tall) with various traditiona japanese motifs. A big samurai face can be seen from the street with a realistic style (half manga style, half franco-belgian style) as part of the Battle of Sekigahara‘s representation. Thanks to that battle, Tokugawa Ieyasu, had acces to the power to reunificate Japan in 1600. You can see a scene of the battle based on a reinterpretation of a Meiji Restoration (1868) print from the 19th century.



In one of the extremes of the bar I made a floral composition based upon a Katsushika Hokusai work, one of the greatest masters of the 19th century japanese printing (ukiyo-e). I also used some personal interpretation of textile designs.



On the other extreme of the bar I made a homage of one of the most famous folklorical tales in Japan during the 19th century, the Jiraya Goketsu Monogatari, a story where a hero kill the snake Orochimaru. This story perfectly fitted the restaurant’s decoration because is the one that Naruto is based on, the most famous ninja manga nowadays.



In the main dinning room I made three paintings on methacrylate, that can be backlighted, in the three windows that lead to Desengaño Street. There is a mix of different inspirations, one chinese style painting based on master Sesshu‘s work mixed with another master Hokusai’s work. A personal and free composition of a tea ceremony and a last one with some zen buddhist monks called Komuso, very common in chambara films and samurai manga.




The four windows that lead to “Travesía Horno de la Mata” were conceived as a little story, a little samurai manga style story. Four different reinterpretations of the mythical manga, Lone Wolf and Cub, from Kazuo Koike (in the american and spanish version all the comicbook covers are made by the famous artist Frank Miller). It is about a Miyamoto Musashi ronin style that is eating in a tavern. Suddently one of his enemies bounce into the place. They start a fight to death and at the end, our hero, wins and continues his path to the raisign sun…




Some making of pictures.




This is the resut of the live painting on glass that I made the inauguration day. Based on one of the editions of the very famous author Eiji Yojikawa, Musashi, that narrates the story of the most famous swordsman of all times in Japan. An image that reminds us the mythical actor Toshiro Mifune in the Akira Kurosawa‘s films, Sanjuro and Yojimbo.



Here are some pictures of the making of and the live painting I did during the inauguration day. Dressed with a happi jacket designed and ready-to-wear by Fernando Álvarez plus a white Air Force One sneakers from Nike!




The Hattori Hanzo team with Diego Lasso as a chef.



I had a really good time with all the Hattori Hanzo’s members, it was great to eat every day in the restaurant while I was performing all the murals.
If you want to see a review about my work in the restaurant in RTVE (Spanish Television and Radio Channel) visit here:
Thanks to Borja, Dimitris, Jesús, Alfonso, Merche, Fernando, Pedro, Noriko, Ken, Borja, Miguel Ángel and to Miyuki for her delicious okonomiyaki and her awesome grandma’s meals.
Some of the pictures are courtesy of Distrito and Dimitris.
All materials used to create the murals are Moncolor. Please visit their shop here:


Murals at Hattori Hanzō
(Madrid, SP)