Mural Festival Arte Pública
(Loures, PT)

This last June I participated in Festival Loures Arte Pública, in Portugal, where a more than a hundred artists partcipated, including Vhils, Astro or Kashink among others.

My wall for the festival is called Athena (“Ἀθήνα”). Done in Quinta do Mocho a periferical neighborhood of Lisbon (Portugal) was a four stories high, seven meters wide mural, done with acrylic paint and spray paint. It has been a homage to all neighborhood’s women, with an African majority (Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Angola, Senegal, Mozambique) through the depiction of the Greek goddess Athena, the wisdom, beauty and war goddess. An African Athena with elements of the classical Athena represented as an owl (“mocho” in Portuguese, that gives the name to the neighborhood), a snake and a spear.

Here you can see the mural in their environment. Below some close ups.

This is the scheme that I used to get the final result. Sketch, color sketch/study and gridded.

Some making of pictures.

A Vhils contribution to the neighborhood.

One of Astro’s mural in the region of Loures. He also painted a bus.

This is my friend Werens’ mural from Sabadell.

Here are three local people, including a local rapper (on the right) called B-Fox.

I appeared in two news of two Portuguese national TV channels talking about the mural and the festival: (TVi Portugal) (RTP Portugal)

and also in Público (Portugal) newspaper:


Agradecimientos: A 2CarryOn, Hugo y Luis Cardoso, Cristina, Ana, Sandra, Rui, Ramiro, Arlindo y a todos aquellos que han hecho posible este proyecto.

Mural Festival Arte Pública
(Loures, PT)