My Bubblegum World

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And everything began with the guy just right above. A few years ago I made a poster for the english magazine, Don’t Panic, about “The End of the World“. I drew a volcano and a god-like triangle plus a few mythological animals and monsters. Taking rid of that work, and I can’t remember why, I ended up drawing “The Apocalypsis Beast” like a pink single-eyed gum monster (very poppy!). And this was the result… and everything began!

And it gained weight and became my personal cards that I designed on four different colors.
9Aleix_Gordo_Hostau_Bubblegum_World copia
Printnic decided to make an Iphone skin with this design.
A few weeks after I designed the first monster I imagined that the “Beast” should have smaller collegues to make it’s dirty jobs… This is what came out!
I recently made some patterns with them… a Book Jacket for Printnic included (only a prototype yet).
13Aleix_Gordo_Hostau_Bubblegum_World copia
Magnetic Project has made a t-shirt out of them too.
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A year after creating all them I frenzied creating some stickers out of them. This was the result (all with my first bubblegum typographies and my personal interpretations of God, in a similar style).
Check for more about my adventure about my stickers here:
15Aleix_Gordo_Hostau_Bubblegum_World copia22
And badges…

Three years after I made my first design I started to create some evolutionated creatures with the same texture. I just mixed a sketch I made at Anguleme Comicbook Fair about a gorilla type monster and the single eyed bubblegum monster.

Vector structure.
26Aleix_Gordo_Hostau_Bubblegum_World copia
Possible tee.
The very first pink bubble gum monster eating human noodle soup.
The very first design of the pink bubble gum monster done while I was living in Amsterdam for a while.
32Aleix_Gordo_Hostau_Bubblegum_World copia
I decided to exploit the floral theme with bubble gum texture. The first flower I made (based on a rose) I ended up using it for the family Xmas card in 2012.

I made another one based on the japanese imperial  chrysanthemum.

It became a t-shirt by Magnetic Project.
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38Aleix_Gordo_Hostau_Bubblegum_World copia
I recently made some textures that can be applied on a lot of objects like wallpapers, notebooks, etc…
Wallpaper done by Bloompapers.
Bicycle, brand world’s largest card’s company produced a poker deck of this style. To learn more about the deck you can visit my project Bicycle Poker Deck.
the lighter brand Clipper produced two collections and an exhibitor with my designs. To know more about the lighter porject please visit my project Clipper Lighters.
Karactermania, one of the most important backpac’s companies in Spain, also made a bag with this design. To know more about the bags please visit the project Karactermania.


If you want to license any of these designs please contact my licensing agent:
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My Bubblegum World