Mural Compilation I
(Various places)

In December 2010 Dave Fernandez (Inocuo The Sign)) and I did a mural in La Bodega de l’Onze, a bar in Poble Sec (Barcelona, Spain).

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo996 copia

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo995 copia

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo994 copia

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo993 copia

Mural/picture in the Absolute Art Space Gallery in Barcelona between Dixon and me.

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo99 copia

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo991 copia

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo992 copia

Mural at Public Works San Francisco (161 Eirie Street). In the same mural Banksy, Koi Fish, etc…

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo4 copia

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo5 copia

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo6 copia

Mural in Panini Comics booth in the Comicbook Fair of Barcelona in 2013.

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo8 copia

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo7 copia

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo9 copia

Mural for SWAB – Bad District 2012.
Title: “Keep thinking…”.
Size: 6x2m.
Technique: Spray paint on wood.

For everything that is happening in the world, in Europe, in our country … and everybody seems to have a monkey playing the cymbals in their heads. Is anyone going to react?

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo92 copia

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo91 copia

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo93 copia

I participated in the 1st Vallès Street Art Biennale in La Llagosta. In the Festival participated 44 artists, nacional and internacional.

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo1 copia

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo2 copia


Mural int the purifying plant – Sant Antoni, Ibiza – Bloop Festival 2012.

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo96 copia

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo97 copia

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo98 copia

Mural at Cala Tarida, Ibiza – Bloop Festival 2012.

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo95 copia

Compilacion_Mural_Aleix_Gordo94 copia

Mural Compilation I
(Various places)