Young Wine Poster for Vila Viniteca
(Barcelona, SP)

Cartell_Vi_Novell_Vila_Viniteca copia

This year, a big wine producer and distributor company, Vila Viniteca, offered me to make the Young wine Festival poster (that every November is set in El Borne, Barcelona). They wanted something new, something urban with a street art touch.

Pencil_Cartell_Vi_Novell copia

Pencil sketch.

Detalle_Vector_Cartel_Vila_viniteca copia

Details on the vectorial structure in color.

Detalle_Cartel_Vila_viniteca1 copia

Details on the vector structure.

Cartell_Vila_VIniteca_Detalles_Baja copia

Detalle_Cartel_Vila_viniteca2 copia

Detalle_Cartel_Vila_viniteca4 copia

Details on the vector structure and poster.

Postal_Cartell_Vi_Novell2 copia

A few applications of the design wer made. Posters, flyers, postcards, shop window’s vynils…

Postal_Cartell_Vi_Novell copia

Vila_Viniteca_Festa_Vi_Novell_Vinil copia

Vynil at Agullers Street.



It’s a great honor for me to have done this project for Vila Viniteca . They have been working with great artist like Frederic Amat, Milo Manara, Miguelanxo Prado, Daniel Torres, Ken Niimura… Here are some samples of their work for the company:


Milo Manara.


Miguelanxo Prado.




Jordi Labanda.

Interview (in catalan).

Young Wine Festival  in El Borne neoghborhood in Barcelona.

Vila_Viniteca_Festa_Vi_Novell20113 copia

Vila_Viniteca_Festa_Vi_Novell20112 copia

Young Wine Poster for Vila Viniteca
(Barcelona, SP)