God’s Pizza Art

Video of a very interesting project (organized by Guapopo) with 5 artists who didn’t know each other and came together to paint a circular canvas. Each of the artist incarnated a role in the Wheel of Life: Birth, Growth, Peak, Degrowth and Death. Each started in a sector of the circumference and after a preset period of time, they changed to work in the next sector where his/her predecessor had been previously working. When the five artists had painted in all sectors from Birth to Death, the Circle was closed… I incarnated the Birth or its equivalent Tarot card (The Fool). A very, very interesting artistic and human experience
For more info about the event, click here.

Aleix Gordo
Carmen dels Plans
Edgar Ibañez
Eva Sans

Felipe Chávez

Detail from the finished work.
Thanks to Guapopo, David Apfel, Katty Scholz, Gustavo López, to Convent of Sant Agustí’s bar and to those who made this project possible.
God's Pizza Artaleix