Collaboration in Stripolis Magazine (Serbia)


A long ago, Stripolis was published, one of the new comicbook magazine inSerbia. Sponsored by the Kulturni centar Zrenjanina and executed and designed by Branko Djukic, it has important authors of Serbian culture and international authors (18 in total) such as Zoran Tucic, Zeljko Pahek,Vittorio Giardino, Steven Dupré, Zandor Gogoljak, Sagar Fornies, Rick Veitch, Pau Rodríguez, Paco Roca, Nina Bunjevac, Milos Mazal, Marcelo Lelis, Jacek Fras, Emma Rios, Dorde Milovic, Darko Perovic, Alberto Belmonte and myself. When I received the magazine my mind blew up to see something mine in cyrillic !!!
The truth is that prejudices can sometimes play tricks on us. It was a little reluctant to submit material to Serbia (I still don’t know why!) but the quality of the publication is excellent, both in the quality of collaborators, the design and the printing. Branko seems a very attentive and kind person. I hope everything will go very well and can reach the goal of reviving the culture of comics in its country!

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Collaboration in Stripolis Magazine (Serbia)aleix