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My name is Aleix Gordo Hostau, I live in Barcelona and I draw since I was a baby. When I started drawing professionally I used to draw books for children and teenagers or creating covers for publishers. Since then I have worked for newspapers, advertising agencies and many multinational corporations both here and abroad in various sectors.

Today I focus my career in the field of painting and illustration, mural painting, street art, graphic design and my own licensing brand.




.”Freedom of speech”, Amnistía Internacional, Fundació Tàpies, Barcelona (December 2015).

.”Una galaxia muy, muy cercana…(Star Wars)”, Expocómic, Madrid (November 2015).

.”70 years of peace”, Japanese Embassy, Expomanga, Madrid (May 2015).

.”Flash Gordon, 80º Aniversario, Visiones y Revisiones”, Expocómic, Madrid (April 2015).



.”SWAB Toy’s” SWAB Fair and Sotheby’s, Barcelona (June 2014).



.“Wayosecchu”, Midori.so Gallery, Tokyo, Japan(November 2013).

.”Lúcidos”, Ceart Centro de Arte Tomás Valiente, Fuenlabrada, Madrid (June 2013).

.“Fartfest 2013”, Studio Store Gallery, Barcelona, España (June 2013).

.“Graffiti Streets”, Tiger Beer Translate, Dubai, Emiratos Árabes Unidos, EAU (February 2013).



.“Doggy Style Wars”, Deebee Gallery, Weart Festival, Barcelona (November 2012).

.“Urban SWAB”, SWAB Festival, Barcelona, España (May 2012).

. Muestra de ilustración en Lower Haters, San Francisco, USA (March 2012).

.“Changeover”, Roll-Up Gallery, San Francisco, USA (January 2012).

/Antes del 2012

“All Stars”, Amsterdam Street Art Festival, Go Gallery, Amsterdam, Holanda (July-August 2011).

“Ragad Art Exhibition” en Szent Istvan, Hungría (October 2010).

“Diary Art Moleskine”, FAD, Barcelona, España (October 2010).

Festival de Arte Urbano, 1st Inspiration Art Festival. Tel-Aviv, Israel (September 2010).

JAZZS“, Galería Esther Monturiol, Barcelona, España (June-July 2010).

“DROP, Culture Graphique Urbaine” en Arsenic, Lausanne, Suiza (May 2010).

Galería Miscelánea, Barcelona, España (December 2008).

Inoperable, Viena, Austria (August- September 2007).

Fundación María José Jove, A Coruña (July-August del 2007).

Sala Parés, Barcelona, España (September 2006).

Fundación María José Jove, A Coruña, España (July-August del 2006).

Galería Alberto Sarmento Lisboa, Portugal (April-May 2006).

American Prints, La Coruña, España (December-January, 2005-2006).

Sala Parés, Barcelona, España (September 2005).


/Print permanent exhibition:

Montana Gallery (Barcelona, ES), Base Elements Gallery (Barcelona, ES), Miscelanea (Barcelona, ES), Le Fix Gallery (Copenhague, DK), Format Gallery (Copenhague, DK).


ATM, Nestea, Coca Cola Light, El Periódico de Catalunya, Reckitt-Benckiser, Gallina Blanca, Neutrex, Lotto Catalunya, Telefónica, Génesis, General Óptica, Camper, Orange, Hosbec, Capri Sun, Nike, Vincci Hoteles, Cacaolat, Clipper, Bicycle Cards, Fournier, Santa Lucía, Tiger Beer, Amnistía Internacional,Intel, Maverick Viñales, Autodesk.


TOME Advertising (BCN, ES), Klan Creativos-Ruiz Nicoli (BCN, ES), Arsvirtualis (BCN, ES), TWBA (BCN, ES), MC Comunicació (BCN, ES), Tapsa (BCN, ES), Wunderman (BCN, ES), Young&Rubicam (Madrid, ES), Ignition K-Leo Burnett (Madrid, ES), Ladoma (BCN, ES), DDB Tribal (BCN, ES), Lateral Thinking (BCN, ES), Landor (USA), MatchPoint (BCN, ES), Story&Co. (BCN), Ming (BCN, ES), Prelude Events (BCN, ES), SheDMC (BCN, ES).

To see my full CV you can visit my LinkedIn profile here.


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