Murals at Hotel Vincci Bit
(Barcelona, SP)

In January-February of 2012, me and Dixon painted all the corridor of a hotel floor in Barcelona (Hotel Vincci Bit) . All the 7 floors, the hallway and the exterior façade have been painted by several artists from several countries: Alex Trochut (Spain), Vasco Mourao (Portugal), Matt Moore (USA), Yoshi Sislay (Japan), Brosmind(Spain), Aleix Gordo Hostau (Spain) y Dixon (Canada), Marta Cerdà (Spain), Dopludo Collective (Russia), Christian Gastaldi (Italy) and Lorenzo Petrantoni (Italy).

Size of the mural: 97×2,2m (213,4m2).

Technique: Acrylic paint, spray paint and paint pens on wall.

Opening: April 15th, 2012.

Mural_Hotel_Vincci_4Bit_Barcelona_AleixC copia

We had total freedom to perform our work by Beriestain Interioristas so, being a hotel, we decided to pick a theme that would allow us to improvise, to combine our personal styles and to place a lot of related concepts to the environment that we were going to paint. The theme was “the dreams”, the dream world. This was the result.

Mural_Hotel_Vincci_4Bit_Barcelona_AleixF copia

Mural_Hotel_Vincci_4Bit_Barcelona_AleixB copia

Mural_Hotel_Vincci_4Bit_Barcelona_AleixG copia

Mural_Hotel_Vincci_4Bit_Barcelona_AleixH copia

Mural_Hotel_Vincci_4Bit_Barcelona_AleixI copia

Mural_Hotel_Vincci_4Bit_Barcelona_AleixJ copia

Mural_Hotel_Vincci_4Bit_Barcelona_AleixK copia


Mural_Hotel_Vincci_4Bit_Barcelona_AleixN copia

Mural_Hotel_Vincci_4Bit_Barcelona_AleixO copia

Mural_Hotel_Vincci_4Bit_Barcelona_AleixP copia

Here are some details of the murals and some close ups.

Mural_Hotel_Vincci_4Bit_Barcelona_Aleix_DetailA copia

Mural_Hotel_Vincci_4Bit_Barcelona_Aleix_DetailB copia

Mural_Hotel_Vincci_4Bit_Barcelona_Aleix_DetailC copia

Mural_Hotel_Vincci_4Bit_Barcelona_Aleix_DetailD copia




Mural_Hotel_Vincci_4Bit_Barcelona_Aleix_DetailH copia

Mural_Hotel_Vincci_4Bit_Barcelona_Aleix_DetailI copia


Mural_Hotel_Vincci_4Bit_Barcelona_Aleix_DetailK copia


It took a month and a week to complete all the murals in all its details, here a full report of the making of:



Mural_Hotel_Vincci_4Bit_Barcelona_Aleix_Making_OfD copia



Artists: Aleix Gordo Hostau y Dixon.

Mounting: Nimo.

Making Of pictures: Dixon (

Finals pictures: Susana López Blanco (

Video Direction/Realization: GOHO Estudio – Gustavo López Lacalle (

Client: Beriestain Interiores – Vincci Hoteles.

Sponsor: Montana Colors.

Thanks to: Gustavo López y Susana López, Marino Casas, Nimo, Manuel y Jaime, Jaime Beriestain, Quico y Mathias.


Murals at Hotel Vincci Bit
(Barcelona, SP)