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My name is Aleix Gordo Hostau and I’m a visual artist based in Barcelona (Spain).

I began to draw books for kids and teens or covers for publishing companies. Since then I have been working for press, publicity agencies and various national and international corporations in various sectors. From Coca-Cola Light, Orange, Movistar, Camper or Buckler to Vans, Montana Colors or Panini comics.

Nowadays I work for publicity agencies an illustrator, I create murals, graphic design, street art and expanding my own licensing brand.


ATM, Nestea, Coca Cola Light, El Periódico de Catalunya, Reckitt-Benckiser, Gallina Blanca, Neutrex, Lotto Catalunya, Telefónica, Génesis, General Óptica, Camper, Orange, Hosbec, Capri Sun, Nike, Cacaolat, Clipper, Bicycle Cards, Fournier, Santa Lucía, Tiger Beer, Intel, Maverick Viñales.


- Illustration aplied to product (Licensing).

- Muralism (Indoor-Outdoor).

- Advertising Illustration (Storyboards, Concept Art, Final Art).

- Design (Corporate Image, Typography,…).

- Character Design.


Telf: 0034 696576932

@: aleix[at]aleixgoho.com

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